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Our Difference

We are a team of people striving to offer and maintain the highest level of English language training available. We find that the way forward in teaching is to guarantee quality and the rest will follow suit. If you want to improve your English, this is the place to enroll in. 

Personalised Experience

We believe that learning English is personalised. All students are required to tale our English Assessment paper to determine their level of proficiency and thereafter allowing us to tailor make their studies to ensure maximum learning in the shortest possible time.

Small sized classroom

The learning of English especially at the beginning requires lots of interaction and support. To ensure our students progress quickly, we ensure optimum participant to facilitator ratio.

Experienced & professional educators

Most of our lecturers are full time and are all qualified at the Bachelor or Master Level to teach English.

Multimedia support available

We use an array of media equipment to ensure that all of our students are able to learn English from different mediums such as TV, Internet, Music, Emails and Letters.

Supportive environment

The Centre is designed to be a fantastic and conducive environment to practice your English daily with a multitude of people from various backgrounds.

Individual help in solving your language problems

Our dedicated teachers are available to assist you in any of your English communication needs. Be it Speaking Listening, Reading, or Writing.

Fun, interactive lessons

Be prepared for an experiential learning environment.

No hidden costs

Be rest assured that there are no hidden cost and no extra charges.

Assistance with finding accommodation (when applicable)

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